• Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Dalal Alami, PhD

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    Academic Qualifications

    Doctorate in clinical psychology / Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies / Amman
    Private study in Berkeley / California / University USA
    MA Clinical Psychology / Yarmouk / Irbid / University of Jordan
    Higher education diploma / Yarmouk University / Irbid / Jordan
    Bachelor of Arts / Beirut Arab University / Lebanon

    Employment Experiences

    Professor in the Faculty of Arts / University of Applied Sciences / Amman
    Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts / University of Applied Sciences / Amman
    Psychological and social mentor of student affairs / University of Applied Science Affairs
    Part-time lecturer at the University of Petra (University girls) previously
    Writer and editor / Al-Jazeera / Riyadh
    Writer, literary column in the newspaper Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
    Director of the Department of Women's Affairs / Ministry of Labour / Amman / Jordan
    Head of Public Relations and Media Department for Women / Ministry of Labour Affairs
    Director of a family program for Radio and Television / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
    Preparation and submission of "Working Women" on the radio program of Jordan and the editor of newspaper Women / Al Dostour Newspaper

    Conferences & Seminars

    Arab World Regional Preparatory Meeting / Begin Associate Member / Amman
    General Conference of the Palestinian Women / Washington / Member of San Francisco
    Conference Non-Aligned Countries to the Development of Jordanian Women / BAGHDAD / member of the Jordanian delegation
    Preparation and implementation of Training Seminar for mothers nurseries home / Department of Women's Affairs
    Training course under the supervision of the Arab Labor Organization / Associate Member / Amman
    Head of the Jordanian delegation to the conference on the integration of women in development and social sectors / League of Arab States / Morocco
    Preliminary conference of experts and regional experts in Amman / member of the Jordanian delegation
    Regional Congress of the Arab Women / member of the Jordanian delegation / Amman
    Conference of Science and Technology / observer member of the Ministry of Labor / Amman
    Head of the Jordanian delegation to the Women's Conference Arab / Arab League / Damascus

    Literary Works

    Speaking literature specialization
    Mental health and its relationship with adaptation and compatibility
    Coaching school and university
    Marital and family counseling

    Other Works

    Collection of poems "Far wounded" (published)
    Collection of poems "Call Jerusalem" (in press)
    Participation in the preparation of book on Jordanian women for the Ministry of Labour / Amman

    Counseling & Mental Health Center

    The Center provides psychological counseling and family sessions in advisory services for patients of all ages using analytical treatment, cognitive therapy, and behavioral therapy. This Center provides treatment for depression, anxiety and stress, depression, social phobia, and a variety of other diagnoses or symptoms. The center is characterized by the use of other natural and relaxation therapy techniques including light therapy. The center also cares not to refer patients to psychiatrists for use of medicine unless absolutely necessary.

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    You can communicate with Dr. Dalal through therapy sessions remotely using Skype. You can book an appointment with us by reaching out to us via phone or e-mail.

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    45 Abdullah Ghosheh Street. Suite 41, Amman, Jordan
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